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YOUng Living Essential Oils

YOU may try to communicate with Young Living in many ways- unsuccessfully

You may wait on the phone for live help for hours

You may try Live Help Chat window and get no response


You are wasting your time


Oil blends created by Gary Young, you will find one for any situation,

if they are in stock

 if they are not adulterated

where did all the money go?

the money for more customer service staff?

You can find me here now.

You can find a lot of webpages from YL distributors telling you its good news that there are shortages

Popular uses for Essential Oils:

Uplifting to emotions and spirit

Protective against negative energy

Protective against infection

Support of internal metabolism, replication and cellular health

Cleansing of internal and external environment (detoxifying)

Balance internal processes like hormone activity and digestion

Replacing items currently bought for the medicine chest

Replacing items used for cleaning with non-toxic essential oils

Restore healthy function of Epigenetic gene expression system

Deter insect pests from predation on cultivated plants

Manage Stress using essential oils

 Improve Anxiety Symptoms

Ear Infections

Candida overgrowth

Baby care including fever, anxiety, rashes and cleaning

Concentration and focus during academic testing -peppermint, vetiver

Birth -Frankincense on Crown and Spine

Post Partum - White Fir, lavender


Common Myths About the Essential Oils

The essential oils are the "Lifeblood of the Plant" - the oils are not a circulating fluid, that would be xylem and phloem. Oils are not found in every part of the plants they exist in otherwise we would distill the whole plant. This comes from a man with an 8th grade education who has been forced to drop every title he ever added to his name. Is he even a qualified aromatherapist? How is that doctorate coming?

It is safe to consume or apply neat any pure essential oil. Here again, some oils will burn and people and animals vary in their sensitivity. It doesn't help their condition to tell them they are toxic either.


Rules for Using Essential Oils:

Respect the power of the oils as you would medicine

Raindrop Therapy is Aromatherapy malpractice according to many professional aromatherapists

Respect for the power of the oils prevents you from burning your clients

Avoid sensitive areas of the body like mucous membranes, eyes

Only use Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils




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