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Single oils for your use for self care, care of your family and animals.

Single oils for your use to make your own blends.

Oil blends created by Gary Young, you will find one for any situation.

Peppermint Essential Oil 


Popular uses for Essential Oils:

Uplifting to emotions and spirit

Protective against negative energy

Protective against infection

Support of internal metabolism, replication and cellular health

Cleansing of internal and external environment (detoxifying)

Balance internal processes like hormone activity and digestion

Replacing items currently bought for the medicine chest

Replacing items used for cleaning with non-toxic essential oils

Restore healthy function of Epigenetic gene expression system

Deter insect pests from predation on cultivated plants

Manage Stress using essential oils

Stress Away Roll On

Stress Away Roll-On (patents pending) is a unique blend of vanilla, lime, copaiba, and other pure essential oils that relieves daily stress, encourages relaxation, and reduces nervous tension.

Improve Anxiety Symptoms

Ear Infections

Candida overgrowth

Baby care including fever, anxiety, rashes and cleaning

Concentration and focus during academic testing -peppermint, vetiver

Birth -Frankincense on Crown and Spine

Post Partum - White Fir, lavender


Thieves Cleaner 

Thieves Cleaner - a great way to disinfect and clean surfaces to promote a healthy non-toxic environment for your children

Rules for Using Essential Oils:

Respect the power of the oils as you would medicine

Avoid sensitive areas of the body like mucous membranes, eyes

Only use Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil 

Longevity Essential Oil Blend


An Independent Young Living Distributor #924937 Greg Montgomery


Valor is still in short supply. In the meantime, here is Dr. David Stewart's recipe for making your own Valor (sans Rosewood):

15 parts Spruce

7 parts Frankincense

6 parts Blue Tansy

2 parts Balsam Fir

20% Almond Oil

Thanks Dr Stewart, hopefully that will get us through the shortage.

Valor is a great oil to apply on the heels of your horse before riding or showing them. It helps with their alignment and confidence. A welcome oil after a trailer ride.

Don't forget to apply the oil to yourself for the same reasons, confidence and alignment. Horse and rider should both be in balance for optimum teamwork.

Spanky, registered Morgan, is a regular oil user.

Holistic Therapy Services is your source for the only Ting Point Therapy System for treating your horse with essential oils. Our system consists of DVD, workbook and charts, everthing you require to competently perform the treatment. You will learn how to assess a ting point to determine if it needs tonification or sedation and which oil is best suited for that purpose. The result of the therapy is balance in the meridians and therefore a harmony in the body systems. We have witnessed many benefits of the Ting Point therapy over the years of performing it and teaching it, improved digestion, alignment, improvement of gait and lameness are among many.

Ting Point Therapy Kit for horses

Ting Point Therapy Kit


Young Living is growing, harvesting , distilling and marketing our own pure, organic, therapeutic grade essential oils. These oils are grown on our own farms in Equador, Idaho, Utah and France. Young Living is now self-sufficient in many of the oils we provide to the world. Oils obtained from outside sources are subjected to independent analysis by outside laboratories. There are no better therapeutic grade essential oils available in the world. 

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Greg is a Professional Member of the American Botanical Council


Young Living Essential Oils Went to Antarctica with Wes Skiles


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