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Going Out of Business


YOUng Living Essential Oils

I tried to communicate with Young Living in many ways- unsuccessfully

I waited on the phone for customer service for hours

I tried Live Help Chat window and got no response

I sent  CERTIFIED MAIL, it was not signed for, I received no return receipt

I decided I was wasting my time.

That is why I am leaving

I am going out of business as a Young Living distributor


In addition, many oils are out of stock

Why is there not more customer service staff?

You can find me here now.

You can find a lot of webpages from YL distributors telling you its good news that there are shortages.  I don't see it that way.


Common Myths About the Essential Oils

1) The essential oils are the "Lifeblood of the Plant" - the oils are not a circulating fluid, that would be xylem and phloem. Oils are not found in every part of the plants they exist in otherwise we would distill the whole plant.  Most plants don't even produce essentail oils.

2) It is safe to consume or apply neat any pure essential oil. Here again, some oils will burn and people and animals vary in their sensitivity. It doesn't help their condition to tell them they are toxic either.

3) Essential Oils last forever. Many essential oils degrade over time especially citrus due to limonene oxidation and "blue" oils that contain chamazulene. Keep these oils refrigerated and minimize air space in the container. Many heavier oils like sandalwood do in fact last a very long time.

4) The essential oils were used in the Bible times. There was no evidence of steam distallation so they were using some other form of extraction like solvents. Those products would not have been the same as what we understand as essential oils.


Rules for Using Essential Oils:

Respect the power of the oils as you would medicine

Raindrop Therapy is Aromatherapy malpractice according to many professional aromatherapists

Respect for the power of the oils prevents you from burning your clients

Avoid sensitive areas of the body like mucous membranes, eyes

Only use Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils




A Former Independent Oil Distributor Greg Montgomery


Running on Empty

This website is for the purpose of education only, and is NOT to be construed as medical advice.  Consult your physician or veterinarian for medical advice.

This site is provided by independent distributor, Greg Montgomery, Fayetteville, Tennessee.